About This Project

mercat-sant-antoni-ddceWhen it came to the protection of the historic and emblematic Sant Antoni Market building in Barcelona, the architect responsible for refurbishing it sought a solution that would protect the building and the people passing through it daily against direct lightning strikes and the dangers they can cause.


The idea was to replace the nine Franklin type lightning rods that were currently fitted to the historic building with a single DDCE. This was not a problem, thanks to the broad 100 m radius of coverage provided by DDCE-100 and to the fact that the central dome of the Sant Antoni market is a lot higher than the rest of the building. Thanks to these factors, it was very easy to carry out the initial approach of protecting the entire market with a single piece of equipment.


The second issue we had was to provide cathodic protection to the underground reinforced concrete foundations, in an area of low resistance (near the sea).


Based on the information we were provided with, it was estimated that the protection area would be approx 6,000 m2. Given the large amount of metal, we considered which was the most viable option and decided on protection based on magnesium alloy anodes.


These magnesium alloy anodes prevent the structure being affected by corrosion due to the voltaic cell produced by the combination of salt water in contact with the metal; instead, it is the anodes which are affected by corrosion, sacrificed in favour of the structural metal.


20 November