CONDUCTHOR  is an enhancer designed to reduce the resistance of the terrain. It is a powder used as an electrically conductive filler that conditions the ground to drain atmospheric discharge and fault currents, thus optimizing earthing systems.

Technological innovation


CONDUCTHOR arose thanks to the constant scientific research and support of more than 100 years of accumulated experience in earthing systems. The enhancer manages to reduce the ground resistance, with an electrical resistivity of 1.5 and a mechanical strength of 5.29 MPa.

Benefits of CONDUCTHOR


  • Meets specifications of CFE 00JL0-28 and 00JL00-52.
  • Preventive and operational safety is achieved.
  • Guaranteed efficient earthing electrodes.
  • Transmission lines with no problems of outages.
  • Lifetime warranty of more than 45 years.
  • Environmentally reliable: 100% ecological.
  • Complies with CRETIB in accordance with NOM-052 and 053- SEMARNAT standards.
  • Earthing systems, maintenance-free.
  • Installing CONDUCTHOR is the best way to install Conduzinc.

Current Solution to Ancient Problems


Making reliable transmission and distribution lines with exceptional performance at the lowest cost, with its exclusive formula, surpasses any other enhancer on the market, thanks to its exceptional qualities.