dinnteco, do you really want to be struck by lightning?

28 Aug dinnteco, do you really want to be struck by lightning?

Every day there are more than 5000 electric storms around the world. In Spain alone, there are more than 1,300,000 lightning strikes every year, causing serious material, ecological (5% of fires are caused by them) and human (10 to 15 deaths per year) damage.

This is why humans have been fighting this phenomenon of nature for centuries. A turning point would be the year 1749 when Benjamin Franklin defended the hypothesis that storms were an electrical phenomenon and proposed the idea of using pointed steel rods to protect from lightning. In addition to inventing the lightning rod, he presented the single fluid theory to explain the two types of atmospheric electricity: positive and negative.

His theories would not be refuted until 1919 when Nikola Tesla correctly defined the operation of the lightning rod, establishing a model that all such devices would follow for the next century: to ionise the air from a natural electric field generated on the ground by the storm, with the goal of stimulating and capturing the lightning which might fall to ground in the area you wish to protect.

This would be the most widespread way to protect ourselves from lightning for the next century, but it was far from perfect. According to the process explained above, the goal of the lightning rod is contrary to what its name indicates since it are designed to attract them; with all the risks that this entails.

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dinnteco the electromagnetic shield

This is why we at Dinnteco believe that the best solution for preventing lightning damage is not to attract it to safe areas but to directly prevent it from striking areas where its impact could be especially dangerous.

The dinnteco DDCE is the only Atmospheric Discharge and Electromagnetic Shield Protection System that prevents lightning from striking the protected structure and, in addition, minimises between 60 and 90% the indirect effects produced by electromagnetic pulses generated by lightning falling outside the radius of coverage.

This is achieved by balancing or compensating the surrounding variable electric field, preventing the production of an ascending streamer in the DDCE and the structure it protects.

Benefits of using the Electrostatic Charge Deioniser Lightning Arrester fromDinnteco

  • Eliminates the risk of a direct lightning strike.
  • Minimises the effects of electromagnetic pulses (EMP).
  • Guarantees business continuity.
  • Guarantees the safety of people and systems.


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