The latest wind energy megaproject in the United Kingdom consists of the largest offshore wind farm in the world, with an installed capacity of 714 MW, which will supply clean energy to more than 630,000 English homes.


It is the largest renewable energy project ever developed by a Spanish company. It has 102 wind turbines installed, each of 7 MW.


The platform is protected by the Dinnteco system, with a DDCE located at the highest point, thus ensuring the safety of personnel and guaranteeing the activity of the platform against failures due to lightning strikes.


The protection was designed in accordance with the technical specifications of Iberdrola Ingeniería and in compliance with international standards IEC 62305 IEC 50164 and DNV-GL.


OFFSHORE structures are considered high risk as they are isolated in the middle of the sea.


The high cost of maintenance make Dinnteco technology especially suitable, reducing costs and replacing corrective actions with preventive ones. By preventing direct lightning strikes, the lives of mechanical structures and electrical installations are extended.

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