dinntecospain is a company dedicated to developing innovative and effective solutions for avoiding damage caused by lightning.


For the last 150 years, the only option was to attract the lightning to less dangerous areas and try to dissipate its energy without being able to provide optimal results; the disruptive technology of Dinnteco allows an effective solution by PREVENTING LIGHTNING FROM STRIKING in the areas we wish to protect.


With conventional systems, when there is a lightning strike, an electromagnetic pulse is ALWAYS generated, which is coupled to the conductive elements, leading to voltage surges and breakdowns, in addition they only manage to dissipate and handle low currents, and are unable to provide a solution for medium or high intensity lightning. .


In addition to providing the ONLY effective solution as a lightning arrester, the DDCE acts as an electromagnetic shield, the ONLY one on the market capable of minimising failures produced by EMPs (Electromagnetic Pulses).


In addition, it improves the quality of the communication signal in communication centres with intermodulation problems.


Dinntecospain's mission is to protect the facilities of its customers from the direct and indirect effects of lightning and thus ensure continuity of the activity, an aspect and concern which is much more important to most of our customers than the failures themselves.


To achieve this, dinntecospain is responsible for carrying out everything from the analysis, design and project appropriate to each system. Once designed, we take care of the execution or certification of the system.


Our protection designs include aspects which were hitherto impossible to control, such as electromagnetic shielding or high frequency filters, thus achieving as much as a 95% reduction in failures caused by indirect effects.


The primary role of earthing systems in our designs has led us to work with other products such as ConduGround and ConducThor which ensure good earthing in high resistivity soils, while offering us a much longer life, reduced maintenance costs and prevention of failure or theft.


How do we do it?


The dinntecospain system has four distinct parts, patented and of proven efficiency: the DDCE, which prevents the formation of lightning, the high reactance DNNFT filter for protection against earth-induced surges; ConduGround, a tamper-proof earthing system and lightning arrester down cable, and ConducThor, a conductive cement that drastically reduces earthing resistance values, even in the long term.

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